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Forget About It

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Dirty Ashton Imagine for Amanda (Anonymous)

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**WARNING: Mature Content**

"Ok Ashton, you are so drunk, how are you gonna get home?" You asked, and since you were slightly intoxicated as well, your brain took a while to process things. "I know, you could just stay here for the night, save you paying for a taxi."

"You just want me in your bed don’t you? You’ve always wanted me in your bed haven’t you Amanda?" He said, clearly a horny drunk.

"Look, do you want to stay here or not?" You asked firmly.

"Of course, you know I’ve always thought about sleeping with you Amanda. Even though you’re my best friend, I think we’d have really great sex." He said, saying his thoughts aloud. You knew if he weren’t drunk there would be a chance you would have never heard that.

"Oh really, well shall we go and test that theory then?" You said, not sure what you were on about as soon as you said it, but it was too late now.

Ashton had already dragged you up the staircase and into your room, stumbling all the way.

He slammed the door shut behind you, and forced you back on to the bed. Great, not only was he a horny drunk, he was a rough drunk.

He smashed his lips onto yours, and not in a loving way, his movements were rough and sharp, leaving you breathless. He used his teeth to tug at your bottom lip, nearly drawling blood from it, but stopping just in time.

He lazily trailed his mouth down you neck and over to your collar bone, sucking on it roughly.

"Take these off." He said, pointing to your t-shirt and your bra. Your movements were fast and it parted from your body in seconds, leaving your top half exposed to him, and he also removed his shirt.

As he began kissing and sucking roughly on your breasts, you moved your leg against his already hard member that was being restrained in his trousers. You moved your leg quite quickly, trying to get him more riled up, and it worked. He quickly began to hurry his movements, not being able to wait much longer for this.

When he finished you could already feel some pretty painful love bites forming on your breasts and neck, but not caring at the time about them.

"Ashton just get on with it, I need you right now." You moaned, feeling yourself become already very wet. The thought of having sex with Ashton made you wet, let alone actually doing it.

"Someone is eager." He smirked as he removed his trousers and boxers, letting his member spring free. You wrapped your hand around it instantly and could feel it throb. Ashton’s head tipped back as you began pumping him, and licking the tip of his length lustfully. You wanted to continue when he pulled you off him and lay you back down, removing the rest of your clothes until you too were naked.

"Are you ready for me babe?" He asked quietly, his hand travelling south and feeling how wet you were, before plunging two fingers into you and moving them round, the internal friction causing you to gasp and arch your back.

"I didn’t known girl could be so wet." He whispered in your ear, running his fingers up and down your folds, moving them with ease in your wet heat.

"You ready?" He asked, lining himself up at your entrance once he had tease you with his fingers enough.

You nodded and he completely disappeared inside you, your head spinning.

"Oh wow Ashton." You moaned, rolling your hips against his and he pleasured you.

He grabbed your thighs tightly, sure to bruise you, and spread your legs even further so he could penetrate deeper in you.

Your hands found their way to your breasts, squeezing and grabbing them whilst your eyes rolled back in your head at the pleasure Ashton was bringing you ‘downstairs’.

"Ash." You warned, feeling a knot form in your stomach, meaning you were close.

"C’mon baby cum for me, I know you want to." He grunted, rubbing his index finger over your clit, tipping you over the edge.

Your back arched as your orgasm washed throughout you, making your toes curl and your walls contact around Ashton’s length, making him release inside you not long after.

You both rode out your orgasms until you were puffed and, and he landed on the bed next you.

"My theory was right, we do have great sex." He said simply.

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